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Monday, April 13, 2009


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I have a feeling that Barry S. wears the Obambi nickname with pride. Should I be so bold as to predict the left who lauds the fake president's fake decision to save the life of Captain Phillips will start blaming him when the Somalis start attacking Americans since they promised retaliation. The muscle and strength shown by America in this situation is what the world relies on.

The Italian owner of the Italian boat that has been taken is hoping that America's superior satellite technology will help him at least locate his boat.

Barry thinks Europeans love having an "intellectual and peaceful" American president. Europe ceases to love that type of American president when they need us.


Hard to comprehend, that there are USA folk out there defending these Somalian Islamic Terrorists.


Frank Beauregard


Not surprising. The piece is by Johann Hari, the same droplet of scum that wrote an article for The Independent on December 23, 2006 comparing Mary, pregnant with Jesus, to the Palestinian women held up at the checkpoints (with the status of the Israelis left as an easy exercise to the reader).

These people aren't just traitors, they're traitors through and through.


Before it's over Obastard will be curled in a fetal position. He's a chicken shit coward muslim determined to wreak America.


Obama memo to Somali pirates: "In the future, please don't put your American hostages in 'imminent danger' by pointing your AK47's at their heads. Taking a hostage by force, threatening his life, dragging him around the Indian Ocean for 3 days in a dinghy is OK and would only require that I send you some TARP money."


"bringing them to justice" is doublespeak for:
Bring them to trail in the US where a jury will find them insane, an indictment of their beliefs actually, and released into the United States with welfare stipends as it would be too dangerous and a violation of their human rights to ship them to Somalia.

Next up on the news at 11: Piracy is up 2000% in response to the free citizenship with money giveaways as the worse case.


This is NOT rocket science, America - although the TOTUS would have us believe that "privacy", er, p-i-r-a-c-y is "naughty, naughty, naughty"! "There ... Take THAT, you, you, criminals you!"

From Day One, the Navy SEALs should have been given the ball to run with and everyone else get the hell outa their way!

I think the problem arose when Obambi confused seals he saw in a circus once with Navy SEALs ...

Obambi: "Seals? You want to send circus animals who juggle rubber balls into the water? Okay, but can they juggle for the privates, er, pirates? You think the criminals might drop their AKs when they clap in appreciation? Sounds like a plan to ME!"


AMERICAN SNIPERS: "One shot, one kill."

"Hey, Achmed ... Your mother sleeps with pigs." ~ heads pop up ~ THREE shots, THREE Kills!

Problem Solved.

~(Ä)~ 1st Bn, 87th Inf. "FIRST to the TOP!"

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